Mariel is a single mom with six children and is determined to get her life back on track. She first reached out to the Life House in February when she was pregnant and experiencing homelessness. At the time, Mariel stayed with family and friends and slept on people’s couches wherever she could. Some nights, her only option was to sleep in her car. 

She realized that bouncing around from house to house and sleeping in her car were not options for her and her baby after giving birth, so she started to pursue a more sustainable opportunity. Mariel moved into the Life House residential program in the spring. She knew she wanted to give her children what she never had, so she immediately defined her short- and long-term goals. After settling into the program with her newborn, she quickly began recognizing the opportunity she was given through the program and set out to work towards her goals actively. 

Mariel has been participating in the residential program for about six months now. Since moving into Life House, she has been working towards reunification with her five other children. Her goal is to move out of Life House and into a place of her own where she has all her kids under one roof. Ultimately, she wants to own her own home. She is working towards financial stability; she enrolled in a job-readiness program and was able to secure a job shortly after enrolling.

Mariel enjoys doing nails, and it’s definitely a talent that she possesses! She currently does nails for her close friends and family, but her ultimate goals are finishing school, becoming a nail technician, pursuing a business education, and opening her own salon. Mariel is also passionate about giving back to the community and feels it is important to share her experience as a young mother. In the future, she wants to work as an advocate and support teen moms in our community by sharing her testimony and providing education, tools, and resources to the young moms who cross her path. 

How has CGLH made an impact on you and your family? 

“They made a big impact in my life because I didn’t believe in myself before I got here. Everyone here is so positive and helpful. They make sure I know that I am not alone. I compare my life to how it was before I came to CGLH, and I am a brand-new person. I see things a lot more positively — especially knowing I have people who care about me.”       

What is one thing you would like our community supporters to know about the Life House?  

“They are good people. They do help you, and they do care about you and your future.”