All mothers and their babies have the right to be seen, known, and loved

You can help prepare pregnant women and mothers of infants for a life of self-reliance.

Thousands of mothers with infants in the Lehigh Valley are without a support system.

There are complex and multi-layered challenges that lead to homelessness, joblessness, and financial instability for pregnant women and mothers of infants. They include absent paternal figures, rising housing costs, limited job opportunities, wages below the poverty line, a lack of access to childcare, and mental and physical health disparities.

We equip homeless and marginalized mothers with the resources and tools to be self-reliant.

We walk with women who are navigating the challenges of motherhood by letting them know they are seen, known, and loved. We connect women with affordable housing opportunities and provide training on a wide variety of life skills. And we support them with counseling and referrals to partner agencies to ensure their overall well-being.

Our Services

Client Services

We provide counseling, case management, and resource coordination services.


We seek to place women and babies in safe and affordable housing.

Economic Empowerment

We facilitate personal development training that empowers women to become self-reliant.

Featured Story

Melissa’s Future Looks Bright

Melissa reached out to CGLH in 2020, looking for housing services late into the pregnancy of her third child. Earlier in the year, she got COVID while pregnant and was severely symptomatic, causing her to miss a significant amount of time from work. She was living paycheck-to-paycheck…

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