Whitney is a mom of four who moved into the Life House residential maternity program in the fall. She has a 14-year-old daughter, a 12-year-old daughter, and a 10-year-old son. All her older children currently reside with their father while Whitney works through the program. Thankfully, Whitney has maintained a connection with her children and visits with them on weekends. All three of her kids are excited to be gaining another sibling, a baby boy, who is expected in early 2023. Whitney’s daughter, Emilia, and son, Solomon, play football, while her other daughter, Victoria, helps their father coach the team. As a family, they all enjoy spending time together going apple picking and doing arts and crafts.

Whitney’s children are a huge part of her life, so she is dedicated to bettering herself so she can be the best version of herself for her kids. She is focusing on all aspects of her personal growth to keep herself stable and in a position to get ahead. She is focused on taking care of herself physically as she nears the end of her pregnancy. Since she has a history of preeclampsia, she recognizes the importance of taking care of her health for herself and her baby. Along with focusing on her physical health, Whitney is also focusing on her mental health and maintaining her sobriety. 

She is focused on building and maintaining her support network; she regularly works with her peer mentor, intense case manager, counselor, and Life House staff. Whitney is actively working and putting money aside to secure housing for her family. Some other goals she is working towards are enrolling in school and career exploration. She is considering returning to school for business and hopes that by returning, she will be able to secure a long-term career that will afford her the life she wants for herself and her family. 

How has CGLH made an impact on you and your family? 

“They impacted me and my family by being a great support system. They are some of the most caring people and staff I have ever met and are always there to help you or reach out to.” 

What is one thing you would like our community supporters to know about the Life House? 

“They are always there for you and help keep you goal-oriented in a positive way.”