Moving to a new country can be extremely difficult. When Xiomara* arrived in the U.S. in 2019, her transition wasn’t the easiest, and it was challenging to navigate transportation, secure a job, and find adequate housing.

She found work running laundry services for a 300-room hotel. Soon after Xiomara was hired, she found out she was pregnant. She worked as hard as she could until the baby was born. Xiomara did laundry every morning before working in the hotel cafeteria every afternoon. She worked seven days a week until she gave birth to her son.

When her son was three months old, Xiomara tried to return to the hotel but found they no longer had a position available for her. Without support from family or friends, Xiomara found resources through Cay Galgon Life House. She decided to start her own business. First, she created a chocolate shop offering unique, one-of-a-kind sweet treats and bakery items. From Baby Yoda strawberries to shimmering cake pops, Xiomara’s talent was clear.

Then, Xiomara started offering cleaning services to individuals, businesses, and moving companies in need of an experienced industry professional. She continues to network extensively to build up her businesses and provide for her happy, healthy son.

Xiomara is grateful for the support of Cay Galgon Life House, who offered her a hand up when she and her son needed it most. She hopes more women and children like her will receive the support, nurture, and empowerment they need to thrive.

*The name of the individual in this story has been changed to protect their privacy and ensure their identity remains confidential.