How will you honor the woman who raised
you this Mother’s Day?

Honor your mom and other maternal influences in your life by providing wisdom and inspiring hope for women navigating motherhood.

Whether it is a piece of advice, a cherished memory, or simply words of encouragement, your contribution will be deeply meaningful and appreciated.

How Can You Participate?

Make a Donation

Your financial support will provide essential services, including safe accommodations, life skills training, counseling, and necessities for both mother and child.

Share Advice

Share a thoughtful message about motherhood, such as your mom’s favorite phrase or saying, a fond recollection, or an inspirational story. Your messages will be shared with the Life House moms, offering them guidance and support.

Spread the Word

Encourage friends and family to join the “Moments of Motherhood” campaign. Together, we can amplify the impact of shared caring, wisdom, and support.

Messages of Love

The best advice I ever received as a mother – when you feel lost in motherhood, always lean into love. Love yourself and your babies and you will always find your way. ❤️

– Anonymous

It all gets better! And better! And better! ❤️ xoxo

– Anonymous

You can do this! Your body was built for this miracle. Take care of yourself above all – and the rest will be ok.

– Anonymous

“God, give me patience” – one of my mom’s favorite prayers, a source of daily strength and resilience! It remains firmly embedded in my memory, especially all of the tones she said it in depending on the situation. Love and miss you always, mom!

– Anonymous

Speak truth. Be consistent in all things. Never give up!

– Audrey Kelly

Our prayers are with the young moms.