Yammillah was born and raised in Long Island, NY. She moved to Pennsylvania to be closer to family and help care for her mother. Shortly after moving to Pennsylvania, her mother passed away. Three days after the funeral, she found out she was pregnant with her now five-year-old daughter Yarah-Symone. With many trials and tribulations, Yammillah always makes a way. She is excited to announce that she is adding a new addition to the family, another beautiful baby girl Yanah-Rose.

How has CGLH made an impact on you and your family?

“CGLH has been such an amazing blessing to us by providing so many resources and essential bags for us while we are going through rough times. Everyone there is supportive and make you feel comfortable. I would definitely be lost without them.”

What are some long-term goals that you are working towards?

“Long-term goals would be working on getting housing for us, learning how to drive so I can get a car, and going back to school so I can have a career instead of working long hours making minimum wage.”

What is one thing you would like our community supporters to know about the Life House?

“That they are supporting the right place! One day when I’m in a better position, I will definitely come back as a community supporter.. thank you all so much … God bless!”